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I’d been wanting to try Mango Deck for a long time. I had heard lots of positive reviews, and frankly, a healthy, reasonably-priced option in town? What’s not to like?

I finally made it there a few days ago, and got to sample their food on a warm afternoon in the city. So what’s the verdict you ask? Well… it’s ok I guess.

First things first, the bread. Forgettable. Very, very forgettable. Come on, people, make an effort! Don’t serve such awful bread! I’m guessing it came from one of those chain bakeries in Geneva which I happen to loathe.


Then I went with salmon tortelloni, which I later realized was sitting on a bed of leeks and some sort of creamy sauce though I personally think based on its consistency that it was just plain old warm milk. It all tastes a lot of… nothing… kind of.


Once I realized there was more to this dish than pasta, I mixed my ingredients, however, this did not do much in the way of adding flavor. I even added the grated cheese I was given with my meal… something I ordinarily NEVER do.

Tortelloni and leeks

I guess it wasn’t too expensive. I wonder if their fresh pasta is actually made from scratch or if it’s some processed brand they heat and serve…?


So voilà… such was my mango deck experience. I think I’ll go back and try a salad next time. It better pack a little more flavor though, just sayin’.

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  • cestundetailmais

    Hi there, when I worked near this place, I went offen. I can’t remember if I tried salad, but I tried full pasta……. and…. I always was not so sure that I loved it !
    It’s just cooked in … I don’t know how to say in English “cuit à la vapeur” and it’s nothing more, but olive oil or crema. You have to put a lot of salt or pepper and .. yes, for the price…
    But I found some pasta very good, because their was some extra inside like dried tomatoes, etc. and it was perfect to put some more tasty….
    I don’t know if my comment was clear ahah but, you get my point !
    Oh and I liked the desserts….

    • Yeah I guess steaming everything is part of what makes this place a healthier option… also, do you think they use actual cream in their sauce or some sort of milk? I guess I should definitely try some of their other pastas or salads before coming to a definite opinion. Oh I don’t get a chance to try their desserts. I was actually really craving fruit the day I went but by the time I had finished my meal and I started thinking of dessert, there was a huge line at the counter and I was kind of in a hurry, so I just left. But that bread… not good! LOL

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