Oysters at Café du Centre

As I recently said to some of my friends in an email, there are many importants firsts in a woman’s life: the first time she falls in love, her first job, her first paycheck, the first time she falls in love (wait, did I already…?) and the first time she eats oysters! As a mature woman (let’s not get bogged down with irrelevant details) I figured it was about time I took the plunge. So on a Saturday night in Geneva’s busy Café du Centre, I had a taste of my first six oysters… well five technically, I didn’t eat the last one.

They first brought out plates and placed little forks on them which I immediately assumed were for the oysters because I’m clever that way.

Café du Centre - plate

Then came some lightly buttered whole wheat bread with vinegar and shallots (for the oysters) and some mayo (not for the oysters).

Café du Centre - bread

I was advised to go with a smaller variety for my first taste of oysters, mine are in the bottom portion of the platter in the photo. I believe this variety is called papillons. I expected both taste and texture to be somewhat different, but was pleasantly surprised as to how mild they were.

Café du Centre - oysters

One of my friends ordered razor clams – the oblong shellfish in the middle in the photo below – they were absolutely delicious.

Café du Centre - oysters

One of the papillon oysters I had.

Café du Centre - oyster

For my main dish, I ordered lamb shank. It was cooked to perfection for five straight hours!

Café du Centre - lamb shank

The lamb shank came with sides of braised red cabbage (which I absolutely love) and mashed potatoes.

Café du Centre - braised red cabbage and mashed potatoes

Life and food are pretty good in a French brasserie I have to say…

Café du Centre - lamb shank

As for dessert, can you ever really go wrong with lemon meringue pie? I think not! It was a great evening all around, great friends, great food and great conversation!

Café du Centre - lemon meringue pie

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  • cestundetailmais

    I really didn’t enjoy my last visit in that restaurant… I don’t know why people talk all the time about it…..
    But maybe I should try it again ?
    Great post !!!

    • Haha! Thanks – love your comment! 😀 I thought it was good fun in a touristy, easy-going kind of way. Also if I’m going to compare this place to, say, Brasserie Lipp, then my preference definitely goes to Café du Centre. But there are definitely better brasseries in Geneva, no question about it.

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