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Like many a food joint in Geneva, Street Gourmet makes sandwiches. Unlike many a food joint in Geneva, Street Gourmet does a little more than throw together a couple of slices of cheese, ham, some butter and bread and call it a day. No, Street Gourmet seems to want to provide the kind of sandwich experience we Genevans usually have to travel to a different time zone to enjoy.

And do they meet their objective, you ask? Well, like I wrote about another recent addition to Geneva’s food scene, Street Gourmet is certainly a step in the right direction though clearly there is room for improvement. I, for one, am optimistic though.

For one thing, Street Gourmet takes the art of the condiment quite seriously. Their sauces and spreads are clearly made in-house, and they are quite original to say the least, with ingredients such as beets and tarragon depending on what you pick, they make for an interesting addition to your sandwich.

Street Gourmet - rolls

I paid Street Gourmet a visit sometime toward the end of 2014, and at that point, they essentially had two signature sandwiches (I don’t know if things have changed since). One of which was bison. But that was not the choice I made that day…

Street Gourmet - bison

Instead, I went with their pulled pork option. I don’t ever remember coming across pulled pork in Geneva before this and it piqued my curiosity.

Street Gourmet - pulled pork

The sandwich is fresh, colorful and beautiful. And I like how they wrap it in newspaper. It just makes the experience a little more fun.

Street Gourmet - wrapped sandwich

So is the sandwich any good? Yes it is. It’s a good sandwich. It’s flavorful and between the pulled pork, the vegetable toppings, the condiments and the spreads, it provides different textures which is always an added benefit for me. The rolls work quite nicely with the other ingredients. So overall, I would say this is an enjoyable sandwich experience. What it isn’t, however, is a revolutionary sandwich experience. Perhaps what Street Gourmet lacks is that melt in your mouth taste you’d remember and crave following a visit. Perhaps that is setting the bar too high though.

Street Gourmet - sandwich

Street Gourmet also make fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The one below was orange and carrot if memory serves. It was… well.. exactly what you’d expect. They also make soup on a daily basis, but I didn’t have any.

Street Gourmet - juice

The cheesecake was the kind of thing you’ll find elsewhere in this city: nothing to write home about. But it’s abundantly clear no one can make a cheesecake to save their life here. C’est comme ça!

Street Gourmet - cheesecake

So that’s Street Gourmet. Overall, I would still say it’s a satisfactory experience. Not a cheap experience, mind you, but hey this is Geneva, my friends. The important thing here is that they’re trying, and as long as they understand that the only way here on out is to keep improving and making better food, I will definitely want to keep going back.

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