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Yes, dear reader(s), today we’ll be discussing Denise’s Art of Burger… because if there is one thing Geneva needs, it’s a burger joint. ANOTHER. FREAKIN’. BURGER JOINT. But here’s the thing, contrary to appearances, there is actually no plot to try to force feed the Genevan population burgers — or “gourmet” burgers as business owners would have you believe — however, without wanting to get on the conspiracy theory bandwagon, I am fairly confident there is a plot to feed you barbecue sauce and caramelised onions. For, yes, dear friend(s), Geneva’s food scene is slowly being taken hostage by unbelievably bad burger toppings. And I am having none of it!

Enter Philippe Chevrier‘s Denise’s Art of Burger, the newest addition to Globus’ food court. The burger joint is no exception to the rule, and left to its own devices, it will gladly layer your burger with generous amounts of caramelised onions and barbecue sauce. However, you, the customer, should know that things can be different. You can actually enjoy a burger that isn’t overpowered by the taste of toppings that take away from your eating experience… well at least they certainly take away from my eating experience.

Anyway, it turns out that once you ask the right questions, Denise has a couple of alternatives on hand. One of them — and so far my favorite — is a béarnaise sauce in lieu of the offensive BBQ sauce.  And as far as onions go, they don’t seem to load up on regular raw onions in their kitchen, so I was able to get them to substitute spring onions instead. Fine by me!

The fries are a little unexpected, they come in a curved shape that is probably intended to help you scoop the dips they are served with. Which brings me to my next point: condiments. By default, your fries will come with mayonnaise and a house ketchup. Yep, folks, Denise’s Art of Burger clearly makes its own ketchup. And while that is definitely a step in the right direction — I have, after all, often complained about Geneva’s unwillingness to serve up anything that didn’t come in a little Heinz container — one problem remains: their ketchup is… well… not good. So kudos for making the effort, but now let’s work on improving the recipe.

Denise’s Art of Burger also offers a wide range of desserts. My personal favorite is the cheesecake, it’s perfectly fine just as long as you don’t try to compare it to anything you may have had, say, across the ocean.

I should also mention that Denise’s burgers aren’t limited to just beef, if — among others — a lamb, salmon, veal or vegetarian burger is what you’re in the market for, you’re in luck! One word of advice though: I’d skip the chicken burger (truth be told, I haven’t actually tried the others). I was somewhat underwhelmed. Just sayin’, folks. Overall, if I were to recommend a burger, I guess it would be the bacon & cheese. I’m actually not a huge fan of bacon on my burgers, but the bacon cheeseburger’s sesame bun is vastly superior to the plain bun you’d get with the basic burger. Furthermore, I know many of you do like a little bacon on your burgers.

Needless to say — this is Geneva, after all — Denise’s burgers don’t come cheap, a bacon & cheese will cost you CHF 20 and a basic burger menu which includes sides of fries and a salad as well as a dessert and a drink will run you CHF 30.

Pictured below: a bacon cheeseburger, a basic burger, a chicken burger, fries, house ketchup and mayo and a cheesecake at Denise’s Art of Burger.

Denise's Art of Burger - bacon burger

Denise's Art of Burger - bacon burger

Denise's Art of Burger - basic burger

Denise's Art of Burger - Asian chicken burger

Denise's Art of Burger - fries

Denise's Art of Burger - condiments

Denise's Art of Burger - cheesecake

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  • Ahhh to be honest. I’m sick of having burgers. Still trying to find a decent one though.

  • Steve Alexander

    OK, burgers are glorious when done right…but the fries…the fries. This style of curved frite or fry is the perfect one in my opinion. We had them first at a little place in Cannes and fell in love. We’ve searched and searched for a press that makes this style of perfectly crispy and meaty frite. Do you know where one can be found?

    • I am looking for this particular frite cutter also! We experienced them for the first time in France and ooo la la! Did you ever find out where this tool can be found?

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