Le Phenix

For some reason, finding decent Chinese food in Geneva, seems to be something of a challenge. There are a number of Chinese restaurants in the area, but their food often leaves something to be desired. You’d think an international city like Geneva would offer quality food from all over the world, but somehow, more often than not, it misses the mark when it comes to Chinese food.

Nevertheless, a number of establishments do seem to get positive reviews on a regular basis. Le Phenix, located in Eaux-Vives is one such restaurant. A recent visit was the perfect opportunity to see for ourselves if the food and service actually lived up to the hype. For the most part we were rather satisfied with the experience. The food was good and fresh and the service was excellent.

Pictured below: A selection of steamed dumplings followed by Peking duck served with pancakes.

Le Phenix - dumplings

Le Phenix - pancakes

Le Phenix - duck

Le Phenix - duck

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