Café Papon on a Warm Summer Night

One of the great joys of living in Geneva is enjoying one of its many terraces in the summer. As far as I’m concerned, the experience is all the more enjoyable if the terrace in question happens to be in the Old Town. That is probably why on a recent summer night, we decided to have dinner at Café Papon, a French restaurant located right at the top of Old Town, opposite the city’s longest bench.

Café Papon’s tasty French cuisine, its beautiful terrace and its ideal location make it a great choice for a summer meal but it is probably best to reserve before going.

Pictured below: a puff pastry starter topped with fresh tomatoes, zucchini, goat cheese and mixed greens, a cold tomato soup and lamb chops with sides of vegetables and mashed potatoes

Café Papon - goat cheese puff pastry

Café Papon - soup

Café Papon - lamb chops

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