Tse Yang, Kempinski

Tse Yang came highly recommended, and truth be told, in many ways it’s quite good. But overall it did fall a little short of my expectations.

First of all, the décor could use a facelift, right now it’s a little staid at best.

Tse Yang

I suppose they were going for something traditional-looking, which I can understand, but still, a couple of things just don’t work for me, most notably the orange couches.

Tse Yang

We started things off with an amuse-bouche – sesame chicken toast. It was good, we definitely enjoyed it.

Tse Yang - sesame chicken toast

We then moved on to starters, we had spring rolls…

Tse Yang - spring rolls

And Chinese spare ribs. These were also good although perhaps a little lacking in flavor.

Tse Yang - ribs

For my main course, I had Kung Pao shrimp, the menu did seem to indicate this dish would be spicy, I just wasn’t expecting it to be as spicy as it was. Even so, it was very good.

Tse Yang - Kung Pao shrimp

We also ordered some crispy beef, and it was actually quite delicious.

Tse Yang - crispy beef

So overall, I’m quite satisfied with my experience at Tse Yang, and I will say it’s not quite as expensive as La Réserve’s Tse Fung, which is definitely a good thing seeing as Tse Fung is a little overpriced for the quality you get in my opinion. However there were definitely a couple of points I wasn’t impressed with, the service was a little slow and the fried rice I ordered was dry and somewhat bland. I would probably go back, but frankly, I feel China Garden serves better food for a fraction of the price.

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