La Passione

I love coming across the hidden gem in Geneva. It’s not where all the hype is, it’s not typically super trendy-looking. It’s usually just a small family-run neighborhood joint. I’m always on the lookout for such restaurants, and one place I definitely go searching is, one of my favorite Geneva-based blogs. That is where I came across a review of La Passione, and decided it was definitely one of the places I needed to go check out for myself – and let me tell you, I was not disappointed!

First off, the Jonction-located restaurant gets extra points for originality. The owner clearly does things differently and the end result is a unique menu you’re highly unlikely to find elsewhere.

Another reason La Passione gets extra points? Homemade bread – yes please! Fresh and delicious. At this point, I don’t feel any restaurant has an excuse to serve anything other than freshly baked bread, but the fact of the matter is a lot of them do continue to serve day-old bread or processed garbage. Unacceptable no matter what kind of restaurant you run! La Passione’s, on the other hand, was absolutely delicious.

La Passione - bread

We were also served complimentary bite-sized pieces of a delicious cheese and spinach foccacia. More brownie points for you, La Passione!

La Passione - complimentary focaccia

Even the garden salad was delicious and also had more foccacia in it. I loved the different textures that made the salad.

La Passione - salad

Then we ordered our dishes, we wanted to sample some of La Passione’s unique menu offerings, so we ordered Vodka and salmon penne. I don’t typically tend to have vodka pasta with fish, but the flavors worked really nicely together and we definitely enjoyed this dish.

La Passione - vodka penne

We also ordered this especially original dish, a cross between a pizza and a calzone which came topped with shrimp and stuffed with mushrooms, spinach and cheese. I definitely have never had anything like this in the past! It was also very good – if a little rich.

La Passione - pizza mare monti

I definitely look forward to going back to La Passione soon, while it is a litte out of my way, I feel it is well worth the trip!

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