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When The Hamburger Foundation first started serving burgers out of their food truck a couple of years ago, I thought it was a decent effort, but I didn’t really feel it was ground-breaking either. Fast forward a few years, and THF now operates a couple of food trucks and they have their own restaurant in Geneva’s busy Paquis neighborhood. And at this point, I do believe they’ve earned the right to say they serve the best burger in town. Certainly the best one I’ve had.

I really like the restaurant’s décor. I especially love their checkerboard floors. Though if I’m going to be perfectly honest, I don’t especially care for the chairs they chose, which look like they came right out of someone’s 1976 kitchen.

The Hamburger Foundation - restaurant

Loving those tiles! They make a huge difference in terms of the restaurant’s interior design. Great choice, THF!

The Hamburger Foundation - checkerboard pattern

Probably the kind of thing you expect to find on every table in a burger joint.

The Hamburger Foundation - condiments

I asked for a thick vanilla milkshake and a thick vanilla milkshake is what I got… so sick of Geneva’s insipid, watery frappés. You wouldn’t think this would be much of a challenge for anyone in the food business, but somehow very few seem to get it right. So again, kudos, THF!

The Hamburger Foundation - vanilla shake

Now to the food – they start you off with a simple green salad. While it is nothing spectacular, I like kicking things off with a little crunch and a little freshness.

The Hamburger Foundation - salad

Then comes what you probably went to THF for to begin with: the burger!

The Hamburger Foundation - burger and fries

I’m going to assume the fries are still a work in progress. They’re not bad, but there is definitely room for improvement and the fact is they simply aren’t as good as the burgers… yet.

The Hamburger Foundation - fries

Your burger will also come with a small serving of cole slaw. It is not exactly what I would call an authentic cole slaw, but it’s definitely a welcome addition to the meal.

The Hamburger Foundation - cole slaw

And finally, the burger! Definitely a winner in my book. Like I said, THF have every right to call theirs the best burger in town at this point. I’m not sure what they’ve done over the past couple of years, but this is a much better burger than the one I had when the food truck first started… I even like the bun! The way I see it, a good brioche bun is always the way to go.

The Hamburger Foundation - burger

Cheesecakes and Geneva… generally a losing proposition. Over the years, I’ve learned to expect bland, oddly textured concoctions, but again, THF seems to have risen to the challenge. And their cheesecake is certainly the best I’ve had in Geneva.

The Hamburger Foundation - cheesecake

I look forward to having many more burgers at The Hamburger Foundation’s restaurant in Philippe Plantamour. I should also mention that the first time I went, it was a weekday sometime in the late afternoon, there weren’t many people there and the service was amazingly nice! In a way that is so different and refreshing from what I’ve come to expect in this city. Thumbs up, THF, you guys are definitely steering things in the right direction!

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  • In my opinion, the perfect combination would be a THF burger with some Holy Cow Fries!
    I really like this place: it’s laidback, simple and the service is great… Oh, and they always have a huge bouquet of wild flowers that adds some extra charm 🙂

    • Holy Cow’s fries might indeed be good, yes, I’ll give them that… but what do you think of their burgers? To me they’re just awful! :-/

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