ICC Mövenpick

A couple of months ago I stopped by ICC Mövenpick for a quick bite and had a salmon tartare bagel sandwich type thing that came with waffle fries.

Well the bagel sandwich was ok if you like that kind of thing — I can’t say I’m a huge of salmon tartare, it’s always a little too rich to my liking, but this was definitely not bad.

ICC Mövenpick - Salmon tartare bagel sandwich

But the waffle fries — now they were yummy! Definitely something I’ve found myself craving on occasion ever since I went.

ICC Mövenpick - waffle fries

In fact, I think ICC Môvenpick should pair their waffle fries with their excellent brioche bun burgers. No more changes please, ICC Mövenpick! The brioche bun works best… let’s ditch all of these other ill-suited, crumbly burger bun ideas we’ve been trying over the past couple of years.

ICC Mövenpick - cheeseburger

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