Les Dix Vins

I had been hearing about Les Dix Vins for a number of years. And even though I’m often in the Carouge area, I never actually got around to going there, not until sometime last month that is. The reviews I had heard were overwhelmingly positive and the meal I had certainly lived up to any expectations I might have had.

We kicked things off with this octopus starter. It was delicious, I would definitely want to go back to Les Dix Vins just for this.

Les Dix Vins - Octopus

I then moved on to my main course. a slow roasted beef dish that comes in a rich, hearty wine sauce with carrots and a couple of other vegetables. Again it was excellent. But the star here was definitely the amazing house mashed potatoes — comfort food taken to unprecedented levels of perfection! And just for that, I’m definitely going to try to make another trip to Les Dix Vins

Les Dix Vins - main dish

My friend had steak┬átartare which she said was one of the best she’d ever had. I don’t usually have steak┬átartare so I can’t really give a first-hand account. But I do trust her tastes.

Les Dix Vins - steak tartare

Then came the dessert, a mille-feuilles the chef makes from scratch. Again another winner at Les Dix Vins! See when it come to dessert, I have two basic criteria, first how it tastes — that’s fairly standard I would think — and second, nothing adds more to the experience of a great tasting dessert than a mixture of textures, and this mille-feuilles definitely delivered on both counts.

It was simply delicious, maybe even the best mille-feuilles I’ve ever had, and the creaminess combined with the crunch just made for an amazing experience. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mille-feuilles!

Les Dix Vins - mille-feuille

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