Green Mango

I recently discovered a fairly new restaurant in rue de la Terrassière. Green Mango seems to be the newest addition to the list of Thai restaurants in Geneva. And because I love Thai food yet feel many of the Thai restaurants here leave something to be desired, I was eager to try something new and different.

Thankfully, I was not disappointed! The food is fresh, the service is more than pleasant, and the space, while small, is actually rather cosy. I will say, however, when the place is at capacity, the service does tend to be a tad slower than it should be. But as long as I’m in no particular hurry, and the quality of the food remains high, I’m quite willing to forgive the delay.

Pictured below: duck salad, dim sum (which I especially recommend) Pad Thai and a delectable fresh mango and sticky rice dessert

Green Mango - duck salad

Green Mango - dumplings

Green Mango - pad thai

Green Mango - stciky rice and mango

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  • I’m a sucker when it comes to ”Good” Thai and ”Good” Japanese. I always judge Thai food with the green curry and their dumplings. Will surely give this Resto a try.

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