Le Furet

Le Furet is located in the Charmilles area, the restaurant is fairly nondescript from the outside, and once you’re inside, don’t expect warmth and fuzziness or anything, that is just not what they’re known for. What they are known for is their signature all you can eat shrimp platters, they’ll keep bringing them until you can handle no more.

The shrimp come in a delicious garlic sauce and fries are also served with them. But here’s the thing, it may say all you can eat, but chances are you really won’t be able to eat that much! Indeed, you may feel full way before you expected to.

A little side note though – girls: trust me, this is really not the place to bring the mister on a first date… nor a second, nor a third, nor a fourth… you get my drift.

Anyway, the bottom line is if you’re feeling really hungry one night and think you can handle the attitude that will come with your meal (it’s not that they’re unpleasant per se, but they do seem to be somewhat stressed a lot of the time), you might want to check this place out.

Pictured below: shrimp and french fries at Le Furet.

Le Furet - shrimp

Le Furet - fries

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