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Bat Dat is a Vietnamese restaurant located in Plainpalais. I kept hearing good reviews and though I never really went out of my way to have a meal there, I knew I’d definitely want to give it a try when I got the chance. Such an opportunity recently arose and I immediately seized it! And though I went there for dinner and Plainpalais turns into something of an unsavory neighborhood at night, I would definitely recommend Bat Dat. However, lunch might be a wiser option.

Now, to be honest, I was not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine. I’ve certainly had my share of Japanese, Chinese and Thai food, but Vietnamese flavors would certainly be a new – if welcome – experience to my taste buds. And let me tell you, it was an experience that did not disappoint! The ingredients used were fresh and the food was amazing, in fact I can’t wait to go back and sample a few more of Bat Dat’s dishes!

Pictured below: Bo Luc Lac, a delicious beef dish that had strong lemon and cilantro flavors (I cannot overemphasize how much I love cilantro but I know a lot of people think it kind of tastes like soap) and a side of rice noodles. I think Bat Dat tends to serve Bo Luc Lac with steamed rice, but I just felt like having noodles.

Bat Dat - bo luc lac

Bat Dat - noodles

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  • I was super excited to see this review, but after going there today, I was somewhat disappointed. In the US, Vietnamese places are usually cheap family-run restaurants, so that’s my point of reference. I have the same problem with Bat Dat as most other Thai/non-Chinese places in Geneva: it serves common food in an upscale setting. I had a Bo Bun vermicelli bowl, and it was good, but not extraordinary.

    I much prefer Maison d’Asie by Cornavin, where you can get good bowl of Pho for 17-18CHF. They also have some funky juice drinks like aloe or cotyledon. The decor is run-down, which may be a turnoff for some, but is exactly how I like it.

    • Hi Mike, thank you for your comment – sorry Bat Dat was kind of a letdown for you… I understand that for anyone who’s lived in a city that boasts an actual international food scene, Geneva might fall short in more than one way.

      Thank you for suggesting Maison d’Asie, I’ll definitely try to stop by whenever I get a chance. I do tend to avoid the Cornavin area, but at this point in time, it’s not like Plainpalais is much safer anyway. Are their juices fresh? That’s definitely something I’d want to try out!

      Also, your comment has given me an idea, from now on I’ll try to include a price range whenever I review a restaurant. Yes I know it’s probably something I should have thought of before, but somehow, it just didn’t cross my mind.

      Thanks again for stopping by and please feel free to suggest any other restaurants you feel are worth a visit.

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