Shibata is a Japanese restaurant located in Petit-Saconnex. With only a few tables inside and a small terrace outside in the summer, it would be easy to miss the restaurant while driving by. However, what this establishment lacks in size, it more than makes up for in quality. Indeed, I wholeheartedly believe the best chicken teriyaki in the city is served at Shibata. However, if you’re hoping for sushi, this is definitely not the place to go — it is simply not on their menu.

The restaurant is slightly on the expensive side, but the exquisite dishes and the fresh ingredients make it worth the extra cost in my humble opinion.

Pictured below: dumplings, seared tuna and chicken teriyaki with sides of mixed vegetables and rice, a cheesecake which is somehow as delicious as it is light and finally scoops of red bean and sesame ice cream.

Shibata - dumplings

Shibata - seared tuna

Shibata - teriyaki chicken

Shibata - rice

Shibata - cheesecake

Shibata - ice cream

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