Four Seasons vs. La Réserve

If you’re looking at a hotel menu, more often than not, you’ll see burgers and club sandwiches somewhere on that list. We’ve covered burgers at length and now may be a good time to take a closer look at its two-layered cousin, the club sandwich.

So how do club sandwiches compare and contrast at some of Geneva’s finest hotels? Visits to La Réserve and the Four Seasons provided the perfect opportunity to answer that very question.

In many ways, the sandwiches — as one might expect — are very similar. However, overall, my preference goes to the Four Seasons’ club sandwich. The ingredients seem ever-so-slightly fresher and the chicken was a little warmer giving the sandwich a little more texture. Furthermore, they did seem to use more herbs and small amounts of leafy greens which made the overall experience more flavorful. Also the Four Seasons’ club sandwich comes with a small side of mixed green salad which definitely tips the balance in their favor in my book.

Having said that, I think the club sandwich aficionado would enjoy both sandwiches.

Pictured below: a club sandwich at the Four Seasons followed by a club sandwich at La Réserve.

Four Seasons - club sandwich

La Réserve - club sandwich

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