Pain Quotidien

Brunch on Sunday is a time-honored tradition in numerous cities around the world and Geneva is no exception. To enjoy a late morning or mid-afternoon meal, there are many places to choose from including several world-renowned hotels. However, I recently visited a slightly different type of chain. With restaurants in Rive, Plainpalais and Champel, Pain Quotidien is a favorite among Genevans. Their menu offers a variety of salads, a selection of hot or cold tartines — their signature open-faced sandwiches — and many other house specialties.

I did note they changed their menu and no longer offer their four-cheese tartines which is rather unfortunate, but their croque-monsieur or sun-dried tomatoes, cranberry chutney and goat cheese tartines are worth a try…

Pictured below, the bread basket, hot goat cheese tartines, hot croque-monsieur tartines and bressane salad.

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