Point du Jour

There is nothing quite like the simple pleasures life affords us, playing with your beloved pet, spending a rainy day curled up at home watching a sitcom on DVD, spending an evening chatting and laughing with a dear friend, or enjoying a meal in good company at a favorite neighborhood restaurant. It seems to me that wherever I go, whatever new places I discover, my favorites seldom change, and I often find myself longing to go back to Point du Jour — and a couple of other places — for a hearty meal and a warm welcome from the friendly staff.

Pictured below: a goat cheese salad, a scrumptious dish of spaghetti pesto and a veal schnitzel (which came with a side of pasta with marinara — not pictured).

Point du Jour - salad

Point du Jour - pesto spaghetti

Point du Jour - veal schnitzel

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