Jardin d’Asie

The Geneva Foodie goes global! And by the Geneva Foodie goes global, I mean the Geneva Foodie goes to Lausanne! I recently had the opportunity to visit our Vaudois neighbors and get acquainted with one of their Chinese restaurants.

Jardin d’Asie is a centrally located restaurant, within walking distance of the train station and many shopping centers in Lausanne. The food was interesting though not entirely what I expected. However I should point out that, here in Geneva, when I do go out for Chinese it tends to be to the same couple of restaurants, and food preparation does tend to vary greatly from one place to the next.

The fried rice came in large quantities, much larger than we are accustomed to here in Geneva. It was good, though I tend to prefer fried rice without corn. Both the dumplings and the honey chicken were deep-fried which I hadn’t expected. Much like the rice, the honey chicken came in abundant quantities.

Pictured below: deep-fried shrimp dumplings, shrimp fried rice and honey chicken.

Jardin d'Asie - shrimp dumplings

Jardin d'Asie - fried rice

Jardin d'Asie - honey chicken

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