Dinner at the Metropolitan Museum

Or was it more of a very late lunch…? Could be. Either way, spending a day at the Met was – as you might imagine – totally awesome! Eating a meal at the Met’s cafeteria was not.

So there you have it, sure New York City serves up some of the very best food you’ll ever have. However – like most places – it is also home to some very mediocre cooking. Maybe just so the rest of the world won’t get too jealous. And let’s face it, you don’t go to the Met for the food. But that’s a story for a different kind of blog.

This pasta was way overcooked and generally… just… not very good.

Pasta - Metropolitan Museum Cafeteria

For whatever reason though, the frozen yogurt was ridiculously delicious. Maybe because I had it right after something a little less than delicious, or maybe because it was just very good in its own right. Either way, if you’re headed to the Met, fro yo topped with fruit, cereal and sprinkles is probably the safer bet.

Metropolitan Museum - frozen yogurt

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